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Role Levels

There are five role levels each character has within the stories:

  • Leading
  • Main
  • Heavy Supporting
  • Supporting
  • Recurring


These characters are in 99% or more of episodes and are the leaders of the story that they are in, in one way, shape, or form. Also have full and extensively detailed biographies.


Like the lead characters, they're in 99% or more of the episodes, but their biographies are not as extensively detailed, but still... very well thought out.

Heavy Supporting

In 90% or more of the episodes. Biographies show stats, records, details of their lives, but don't expect a novel, or at least not right off.


Referenced or featured in 70% or more of the episodes. Biographies show stats, records, details of their lives, but only a basic account of their lives.


Usually reserved for guest characters or those involved in certain story arcs. Biographies will show stats and service records (if applicible), but only details of their involvement in the respective story instead of a full on biography.

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