United Federation of Planets

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For the mirror universe counterparts, see Terran Empire, Terran Republic, Galactic Commonwealth.
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United Federation of Planets
Government Identification
Full Name United Federation of Planets
Abbreviated Name/Other Names UFP, The Federation
Dominant Species various
Location Alpha and Beta Quadrants
Capital Paris, Earth
Principal City San Francisco, Earth
Volume 8,000 light-years
Government Information
System of Government Federal Republic
Legislature Federation Council
Seat of Government Palais de la Concorde
Head of State President (Aennik Okeg, from 2392)
Head of Government President (Aennik Okeg, from 2392)
Population 9.85 trillion sentient lifeforms
Currency Federation credit
Language Federation Standard
Holiday' Federation Day

The United Federation of Planets is an interstellar sovereign state composed of 154 member states, colonies, protectorates, and other planetary governments unified under the goals of universal liberty, justice, equality, trade, exploration, scientific advancement, peace, and mutual protection. The most powerful state in local space, the Federation encompasses 10,000 light-years and is by far the largest state in the known Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Federation, along with the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire, is one of the three traditional superpowers of known space. Unlike its traditional rivals who derive power from a single dominant species subjugating other races within the boundaries of their empire, the Federation's various Member States join willingly and are equals in the Federation's democratic society. The Federation's capital city is Paris, Earth.


The Signing of the Articles of the Federation on 12 August 2161.
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The Federation was formed on 12 August 2161, the successor to the Coalition of Planets.

The founding Member States of United Earth, the Confederacy of Vulcan, the Andorian Empire, the United Planets of Tellar, and the Alpha Centauri Concordium were subsequently joined by numerous other worlds to form one of the largest states in the galaxy.

By 2380, the Federation consisted of 155 Member States.

Alongside periods of peaceful relations and expansion, the Federation was also involved with numerous conflicts, some of the largest and most prolonged being with the Klingons in the 23rd Century, and the Borg and the Dominion in the 24th Century.


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The Federation is a representative republic, with an elected president as the head of the entire interstellar state. An election is held every four years, and a president may serve for an unlimited number of terms.

Political and direct administrative power is held within the Federation Council, which is composed of one councillor from every Member World. There is no limit as to how many terms a person may serve as councillor. T'Latrek of Vulcan, for instance, served on the Federation Council for nearly a century. Each individual Member determines how its councillors will be determined; the First Minister of Bajor, for instance, nominates that world's councillor and the Chamber of Ministers ratifies him or her, while the electorates of many other Members elect their councillors directly.

The Federation government has several executive departments whose heads form the Presidential Cabinet, who advise the president on their issues of jurisdiction and run their departments on a day-to-day basis. Cabinet members can have strong influence on Federation policy based upon their work with the president and the appropriate members of the Federation Council.

By the late 23rd and 24th Century, the capital city of the Federation is Paris, and the capital planet is Earth. The seat of government is the Palais de la Concorde.

Earlier in the 23rd Century the Federation government was based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

Sill earlier, the Federation capital was Federa-Terra, Florida.

Members of the Federation

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Presidents of the Federation

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Federation Council

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Relations with Other States

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Diplomatic treaties


Symbols of Federation patriotism include the Great Seal of the United Federation of Planets, which serves as the official emblem of the UFP. The Flag of the United Federation of Planets is also a prominent Federation symbol, often displayed at government buildings, official events, and at state and Starfleet funerals. The Anthem of the United Federation of Planets is the official musical composition of the UFP.


As a government body, the Federation issues awards and medals for beneficial military, medical or exploratory service. While many of these are generally given to members of Starfleet, there are some that are for citizens in general. The constituent nation-states of the Federation also sometimes have their own similar awards. One such award that is given to members of Starfleet during victories in battle is the Andorian Battle Star which recognizes command officers that have displayed who demonstrate superior tactical abilities.


There is no official Federation religion, although members are free to practice their own religious and philosophical beliefs, as protected by the Guarantees contained in the Articles of the United Federation of Planets.

Every August 12, Federation citizens observe Federation Day, a patriotic holiday established in remembrance of the founding of the Federation.


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