Talloc Hagen (Mirror)

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Talloc Hagen
Personal Information
Full Name Talloc Hagen
Alias The Tormentor
Biographical Information
Homeworld Betazed
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
Age 36
Date of Birth 2345
Physical Description
Height 1.8m
Weight 105kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color' Black
Mother Deanna Hagen
Father Diad Jules
Spouse(s) Tira'Ridala nev'Theyla (Captain's Woman)
Affiliation Terran Rebellion
Occupation Starfleet Officer/Marine Officer
Previous Assignment Tallocs Tormentors
Posting ISS Vanguard
Position Commanding Officer/Marine Officer
Rank Captain
Insignia R-o6.png
Actor Karl Urban

For the Prime Universe counterpart, see Talloc Hagen
Talloc Hagen, is an Imperial Starfleet Marine Officer and Commanding Officer of the Terran Rebellion Starship ISS Vanguard as of 2379.


Early Life

Early Career

Talloc was serving as a Marine Officer apart of the 277th Imperial Harbringers Battalion up until the fall of the Empire, from then on he took the remains of the 277th and waged a guriella war against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance up until word started to spread of the Terran Rebellion's successful capture of Terok Nor .

Major Hagen at the time took this as either news that Terran's had finally gained momentum, or this was a ruse by the Alliance to draw out Resistance cells an crush them. Hagen taking both into account, brought a Company of 277th Harbringers to Terok Nor to either join the growing Terran Rebellion, or to take Terok Nor for himself. For providing the Rebellion with trained military personnel (most Imperial officers were either executed on site, or resided in Alliance gulags), leader of the Rebellion, Miles O'Brien presented the soon to be completed ISS Vanguard to Hagen to cement this partnership, and as a means of seperating him from the marines he introduced to the Rebellion.

Personal Life

Hobbies & Interests


Alternate Realities

Physical Description

Service Record

Insignia Date(s) Posting Assignment Notes
ISS Vanguard
Commanding Officer