Paris Class

From Taskforce Equinox
Paris Class
Ship Classification Within Fleet Frigate
Expected Duration 115 Years
Time Between Refit 10 years
Time Between Resupply 20 Years
Length 478 metres
Beam 151.9 metres
Height 112.3 metres
Personnel Information
Marine Personnel 900
Other Personnel 200 ODST's
Total Crew Compliment (Standard) 1500
Maximum Evacuation Capacity 2600
Flight Speeds
FTL Range 2.1 LY/Day
Tactical Information
Naval Cannon 1 MAC Gun
Gatling Cannon 5 Twin Defensive Rail Guns
Point Defense Cannon 12 50 mm Point Defense Guns
Missile Silos 40 Archer Missile Pods (30/pod)
Torpedoes 1-3 Shiva Nuclear Missiles
Air Wing Compliment
Number of Longsword Fighters 2 GA-TL1 Longsword Interceptors
Number and Type of Dropships 20 D77TC Pelican Dropships
Ground Vehicles
Number of M12 LRV 'Warthogs' 105 M12 LRV 'Warthogs'
Number of M12G1 LAAV 'Gauss Warthogs' 8 M12G1 LAAV 'Gauss Warthogs'
Number of M80B Scorpion Main Battle Tanks 25 M80B Scorpion Main Battle Tanks
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