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What most members of Starfleet consider to be Starfleet Intelligence is actually part of a much larger Office of Naval Intelligence. The Office of Naval Intelligence, acronym ONI (pronounced as oʊni), is the intelligence service branch of the Starfleet. Its formal name is the Starfleet Naval Intelligence Division. Admiral Nyota Uhura is the current Commander in Chief of ONI.


The Office of Naval Intelligence is the division of the United Federation of Planets that is responsible for counter-espionage and propaganda.

ONI directly reports to FLEETCOM. It is responsible for intelligence matters across the Federation. As such, ONI employs members of other military branches, and even civilians, to complete the Division's shadowy work.

Many of its functions and subdivisions, are enigmatic, and its personnel are regarded as mysteries by mainstream naval officers. ONI personnel, especially officers, are often referred to as "spooks". Agents appear to enjoy significant latitude in the discharge of their duties, often violating moral boundaries or acquiring vast amounts of Starfleet resources to achieve their ends.


ONI symbol.

The Office of Naval Intelligence often operates independently of other Starfleet branches. At times it contravenes the law and Starfleet protocol to complete top-secret missions. While the Office of Naval Intelligence runs a fleet of Intelligence sloops, most Intelligence operations are conducted from agents and officers within the rest of Starfleet. ONI also maintains the Starfleet's Reconnaissance fleet, a major source of intelligence. ONI also manages field intelligence with units attached to Federation Starships and Marine units. Intra-ONI dynamics are often strained with intense competition amongst its own personnel. Agents operate under heavy scrutiny with mistakes often leading to demotion or death.


Section Zero

The most secretive section, Section Zero's existence is not general knowledge outside ONI. Details of its role and operations are limited. Based on the records of an AI named Andariel, it is thought to be ONI Internal Affairs, charged with rooting out and eliminating illegal programs. It is very discreet in its work. The true nature and activities of Section Zero are highly classified and unknown outside the ONI command hierarchy. Zero is, essentially, an internal investigations division that polices other ONI activities.

Section Zero may also be tasked due to their autonomy with investigating threats to Quadrant security, or Federation assets involving outside forces, which often brings them into conflict with Section One.

Section I

Section One is the branch of ONI that most people consider to be Starfleet Intelligence. Section I is the branch most often utilized by the Starfleet, and all Intelligence Officers attached to Federation Starships belong to Section I. It is also the section responsible for intelligence gathering purposes for the Federation.

Section II

The propaganda branch of ONI. While the propaganda aspect of Section II is rarely brought in, it was best displayed during the Dominion War and the Borg invasion of 2381 where it was responsible for monitoring communication between Federation worlds in an effort to reduce the spread of rumors and information that would damage morale. While Section II's actions could be considered draconian, possibly even un-Federation-like, it is also responsible for publicising the victories and triumphs of Starfleet and her Allies.

Section III

The top-secret projects division of ONI. It is primarily responsible for "black ops" operations within Starfleet. Most activities of Section III are unknown to anyone, even other members of Section III.

Section 31

Section 31 was originally a subcell of Section III before it went rogue. However, the reach this nefarious organisation far exceeds the grasp of ONI to bring them back under control

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