Kashka Ishtar

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Kashka Ishtar
Personal Information
Full Name:

Kashka May Ishtar

Physical Description

Trellis II


Human (Gene Altered)




26 (as of 2379)

Date of Birth:

22 April 2353

Physical Description








Family Information
Career Information

United Federation of Planets,Office of Naval Intelligence


Office of Naval Intelligence


Mission Analyst Commanding Officer USS Imperator



Rank Insignia:



Kate Beckinsale

Story Identifiers

For Mirror Universe counterpart, see Kashka Ishtar
An enigma wrapped in an illusion, Kashka has a habit of appearing where she isn't wanted, but necessarily needed. -- Captain Tobias Renshaw

Kashka Ishtar was a 24th Century Human female, born in the year 2353. Before joining Starfleet, Kashka led a rather sordid life, until joining the fleet as one of its best Intelligence Operatives.


Early Life

Not much is known of Kashka's early life, it is presumed that she was born on the April 22 2353 on the Industrial world of Trellis II. She does not know the identity of her parents or any of her biological extendend family as she was abducted by Orion Pirates under orders from 'Professor' Jonas Tiberius Solsitem at the age of five and was brought to the Newlight Facility.

Once under the ownership of the Professor, a crazed man who believed that the principles of super-human condition lay not in selective breeding as was the case in the early 20th Century, but from forced evolution, by exposing developing tissue to a variation of toxins and synthetic chemicals he hoped would create the perfect human being. To accomplish this feat, he contracted Orion pirates to abduct young children from various worlds throughout the Federation; it was at that point that his path crossed with the young Kashka. Once aboard the Newlight Facility, Kashka lost her name, her identity, and became known solely as 'Specimen 602'.

Caused either by a sick, perverted sense of paternalism, or a simply scientiffic curiosity, the Professor took a shine to 602, and decided to use her as the guinea pig for most of his experiments, injecting her tiny body with chemicals and toxic compounds that irreversibly changed her.

Unfortunately as most experiments in Eugenics were, 602 was a glorious failure, thanks in part to the gene therapy she was forced to undergo, and the myriad of counter-acting chemical compounds coursing through her veins, by age 15 it was discovered that she has been rendered useless as a test subject, and infertile as a carrier of any successive generations of super-humans. While she exhibited the desired strength, speed and deductive reasoning, she was deemed flawed due to the inevitable side effect which was a dependence on daily injections of certain chemical and bio-toxin compounds, created to maintain the fragile state her body had become. In either a blessing or curse, fate did not seem done with the small corpse of a girl, as the Professor decided to train the young girl as his personal bodyguard and assassin; using her dependence on the aforementioned compounds to keep her as a slave to his wishes.

For the next three years, 602 would follow Solstiem around the galaxy, protecting him from the various entities that would have reason to want the scalp of the disgraced madman, and disposing of those in the galaxy who 'knew to much'. These excursions would regularly bring her into Federation space. Seeing the galaxy for what it was, a place where people where free to make their own choices, not forced to subservience due to actions beyond ones control, 602 started making plans of her own freedom.


Two weeks before her 18th birthday, 602 snuck into the professor’s room and brutally and methodically killed him before stealing the means to continue producing her normalising agent and a small heavily modified shuttle, she made her escape, heading off into uncharted space. When the professors attendants found him the following morning, they found one of Kashka's injector needles embedded to its base into the Professors left eye, inside it's shattered glass vial was a hastily scribbled note, You trained me too well, For the next three years, 602, who had reverted to using her original name, she garnered substantial wealth by selling her services as a body guard, assassin, bounty hunter, or gun for hire; her new life allowing her to rub shoulders with the crème of the civilised galaxies criminal underbelly. She worked for all sides, all comers, as long as they could afford her. It did not take long for her actions to appear on the radar of the Federation following the assassination of a Andorian political leader, and Starfleet Security put an arrest order on the young woman.

She was eventually cornered on Starbase Deep Space Nine, attempting to secure passage to the Gamma Quadrant and brought to Earth under the cloak of secrecy. Due to her connections to the criminal underworld that the Federation tried so vainly to deny existed, Starfleet Intelligence proposed to her a trade; provide SI with detailed dossiers on the galaxies most wanted and reviled criminals and they would waive the lifetime of imprisonment and hard labour.

Starfleet Career

Kashka decided to help SI in return for her freedom, and at the same time managed to remove a number of long standing rivals from the galaxy. In the eighteen months she spent with SI, working for them under contract, dealing with the little messes that they could not publically acknowledge, she grew impressed with the happenings of the internal security service of the Federation; and, under the recommendation of her handler, attended Starfleet Academy. While most of her history was redacted by the same agency, it was hard to hide the fact that she was more than just a simple human. Following Graduation, she spent a year continuing her duties within the agencies Internal security; before being assigned to the USS Challenger, a small Aegean class Frigate, as the ships Intelligence Officer. She served in that capacity for the next two and a half years, before being transferred to the USS Daedalus and eventually ending up in Section Zero of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

While aboard the Deadalus, Kashka met Dr Eliza Ellis, the ships Chief Medical Officer, currently the two are in a relationship.

Following her assignment to Section Zero, Kashka has been given free reign to travel the Federation to do what needed to be done.

Personality Traits

General Overview

Kashka is a troublingly cold and calculating woman, which is understandable considering her upbringing and childhood. She excels in the hunt, thrives in it, and has a knack of being able to acquire information while 'staying' within the guidelines of Starfleet Intelligence.

Considering her profession and demeanour, she has few 'friends' on any post she is billeted too, but if someone could melt her icy exterior, she is a passionately loyal person

Strengths and Weaknesses

Due to the experiments conducted on her as a child by her 'Father' disgraced Eugenisist Professor Solsitem, she possesses excellent eyesight, stamina, and strength far beyond the normal capacities of her tiny frame, the trade off is an addiction-like dependence on daily injections of what has become known as a 'normalising agent' a collection of compounds and chemicals that are required to maintain the molecular cohesion of her internal organs, to forgo with said injection for more than a day or two would resort in symptoms starting with anxiety, gradually progressing to psychosis, paranoia, coma, followed closely by death by systematic organ failure within 72 hours of last injection.

Due to the fact that she was abducted as a child by Orion pirates and sold to a life of viritable slavery, she will lose her composure when forced to deal with them, often preferring to resort to physical violence than to discus the problem, this has caused her a number of reprimands in her personnel file.

Due to the myriad of toxins and chemicals still present in her blood stream, her blood is unsuitable for any form of transfusion, either as the recipient or as the donor, as a result of this.


Kashka wishes to find the location and wereabouts of her actual family, a feat made almost impossible as all known traces of her history, were fabricated by Professor Solstiem

Interests and Hobbies

Hobbies: Hunting her prey, martial arts, making people squirm, melting into the bulkheads and observing the ship

Interests: sculpture, fabrication, disappearing


Federation Standard, Andorian, Orion, Romulan, Klingon

Service Record

Insignia Date(s) Posting Assignment Notes
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Recruit
Training Jacket Classified by Order SI6584-457
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Recruit
Training Jacket Classified by Order SI6584-457
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Recruit
Training Jacket Classified by Order SI6584-457
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Recruit
Training Jacket Classified by Order SI6584-457
Starfleet Academy
Training Jacket Classified by Order SI6584-457
USS Vanguard
Cadet Cruise
Office of Naval Intelligence
Department of Internal Security
USS Challenger
Junior Intelligence Operative
USS Challenger
Acting Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Challenger
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Daedalus
Chief Intelligence Officer
Office of Naval Intelligence Section Zero
USS Imperator
Independent Operative