ISS Vanguard (NCC-75453)

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The ISS Vanguard NCC 75453 was commissioned in 2379 at the captured Cardassian Shipyards of Devoras Prime. She is the second purpose built starship of the Terran Rebelion after the ISS Defiant. The Redemption Class is a classic Imperial design that was modernised using the stolen Federation datacore from the Prime Universe.

Service History

Design and Construction

Early Period

In 2379, immediately following her construction, the ISS Vanguard was given to Captain Talloc Hagen as a gift for his contribution to the Terran Rebellion of the remains of the 277th Imperial Harbingers Regiment. This was also seen as a means of placating the Betazoid Officer considering the loyalty his men had with the Captain. This appointment greatly angered Commander Christopher Abney the ships then executive officer, who had been promised the command by Julian Bashir for loyal service. This caused a rift between the two officers, as Abney's staunch xenophobia, and Talloc's status as being an alien regularly came to blows.

Current Episode

Episode Three: Relaunch

The Vanguard is sent to Supply Station Epsilon to investigate why the station suddenly went silent, only to discover that the station had been attacked by an Alliance strike team. While investigating the station, the crew of the Vanguard meet new faces and continue their fight against the Alliance

Upcoming Episodes

Episode Four: Dark City

Episode Five: Fractured Horizons