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years: 2372 2373 2374 2375 2376 2377 2378

(stardates 52000-52999)

decades: 2340s 2350s 2360s 2370s 2380s 2390s 2400s
centuries: 23rd Century - 24th Century - 25th Century




  • The Breen attack San Francisco. This is reflected in a mural painted on the flight deck of the USS Olympia
  • The Federation allies take Cardassia Prime, but the Dominion orders the planet decimated before they abandon it.
  • The Dominion War ends - the Dominion surrenders and withdraws from the Alpha Quadrant in exchange for the cure to the disease that the founders are suffering from.

Political offices

Federation politics

Romulan politics

  • Shinzon and some Remans are sent on a suicide mission by the Tal Shiar to destroy a base held by the Dominion, before either the Dominion or the allied task force being sent to retake the planet find the Tal Shiar's cache. Shinzon survives and steals some material that the Tal Shiar think is destroyed.

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